Saturday January 27, 2018

Woodland Park

7-10 pm

Join us for a fun filled evening of betting on  wooden horse races, free giveaways, free snacks,  music and cash bar.  The event kicks off the Track & Field Season and helps to raise funds for the Boys and Girls Track  Team’s.  This is an adult-only event (21 and over).


Tickets are just $5 each online or $7 at the door.  The ticket will get you entrance to the event plus an opportunity to win free giveaways and free snacks.

Purchase a Wooden Horse - First-come, first-serve - 64 horses for sale!

Purchase a wooden horse or multiple wooden horses for $25 each.  You will be able to name your horse for a race. Others will bet on your horse – if your horse wins, you get $50!  

Pay online using Paypal Account / Credit Card / Debit Card

Any Questions Email Mark Harsha -

Night at the Races Overview

Free Snacks and Cash Bar will be available all night

Bring cash!  Bet on the wooden horse races – $3 per bet.

How the Race works

  • The event runs like any other horse race. However, rather than live horses, There will be six wooden horses. The horses will be moved based on a roll of dice. One dice will be the horse’s number and the other dice will be the amount of spaces the horse moves. The horse that crosses the finish line first wins!
  • There will be 8 races with 8 horses in each race. These horses are the ones that we are selling now.   
  • Before each race, participants will be able to bet on the horses in the race. We’ll roll the dice, cheer on your horse (if in that particular race) and/or the horse(s) on which you placed bets.
  • Winning horse will be announced and that Horse Owner receives $50; those betting on the winning horse share 50% of the total bets for that race. 
  • There will be an additional 9th race
    • The 8 horses for this 9th race will be auctioned off at the end of the night.  
    • Individuals, groups of people, or whole tables will be able to pool their resources and bid on the right to pick the number horse and name it for the final race. Auction starts at $50. 
    • Once the auctioning is complete and all 8 horses are purchased/named.  The betting windows will open with $5 bets..  
    • The race will be ran, and the winning horse announced. Horse owner (individual, group, table) will get 50% of auction amount.  Those betting on winning horse share 50% of total money bet.  

2017 Night at the Races